About Us

We put you back in the driver’s seat of your finances

Dozens of financial partners. Hundreds of cars each week. You, back in the driver’s seat!

Whether you are looking for a cash loan, to settle an outstanding balloon payment on your vehicle, to own the car of your dreams or a lower interest rate on your current vehicle financing, AutoFin Assist is ready to put you back in charge.

Supporting your financial needs

We offer comprehensive financial solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. Trust AutoFin Assist to deliver personalised and effective financial solutions.

We organise vehicle finance for creditworthy clients.

We provide clients with cash loans for various purposes, including debt consolidation.

We refinance vehicles for clients who need cash quickly, want to save on their vehicle loan repayments or are paying high interest on their current loan.

Our team has professional relationships with all major corporate banks in South Africa, which gives us access to competitive vehicle financing.

Our vision

AutoFin Assist strives to be your auto finance partner of choice by offering competitive personal loans, refinancing and financing rates to our clients with high returns to our investors.

Our mission is to…

Help people with personal loans to improve their financial burdens and consolidate their debt.

Provide cash loans to expand businesses or to fulfil personal needs.

Provide members of the public with opportunities to grow their wealth and earn passive income.

Assist individuals in paying off a car loan by finding lower interest rates.

Offer competitive vehicle finance to creditworthy individuals.

Provide clients with the cash to settle overdue balloon payments.

Grow our business by learning from our partners and diversifying our financial offerings.

Inform the public of offerings and educate people on the benefits of refinancing their assets.

Help clients not to lose their vehicles due to unsuccessful debit order payments.

Need financing?

We are committed to supporting your financial journey every step of the way. If you are ready to take charge, AutoFin Assist can help you navigate the road to successful financing.