I would like to Become an investor

Not earning passive income. Want to?

Am I a candidate?

You want to become a ‘rich dad’ but you don’t have any disposable income to invest in stocks or income-generating assets, right? You could always write an award-winning book and live off the royalties, or buy a bushel of houses and list them on Airbnb. Don’t despair! With Autofin Assist you can earn a passive income with no more than your credit score.

We purchase vehicles at 30% below retail value using our investor’s creditworthiness and then lease the vehicles out to clients who are unable to obtain vehicle finance. This means that you can earn a passive income from about R1,500 to over R10,000 every month over four, five or six years. This is a potential return of between R108,000 and R720,000 over six years.  All you need is a good credit score. It’s really simple!

What is an Autofin Assist investor?

An Autofin Investor is any individual who has either surplus cash or a good credit score. Investors can use their surplus cash to purchase a vehicle, which is then leased by Autofin Assist to one of our clients. The investor receives the value of the vehicle back in cash at the current prime interest rate plus a rental amount on top of the finance, thus multiplying their investment. Creditworthy investors can use their credit score to obtain vehicle finance for a vehicle, which is then leased by Autofin Assist to one of our clients.

Both types of investors receive a passive monthly income in the form of vehicle rental from Autofin Assist for four, five or six years. This monthly income is 60% of the total rental fee. This means that investors can receive up to R10,000 each month in passive income depending on the value of their investment, lease period and number of vehicles invested.

How does investing work?

Investing in an Autofin Assist vehicle is easier than investing in stocks and bonds, and requires less capital than investing in other assets.

Step 1

You allow Autofin Assist to purchase a vehicle at 30% below retail value with your investment capital or on hire purchase with your good credit score.

Step 2

You receive the deposit from the rent-to-own agreement between Autofin Assist and the client as an initial investment.

Step 3

You receive a portion of the rental in passive income every month. A further portion is used to cover the original loan and Autofin Assist administration fees.

Step 4

At the end of the lease period the loan is settled and the vehicle transferred into the name of the Autofin Assist client.


Do I qualify for investment?

Unlike investing through a brokerage firm or investment savings account, Autofin Assist does not require investors to provide a minimum amount in order to open an account. To qualify as an investor, all you need is a good credit score. With that, we can obtain vehicle finance for a vehicle that is leased out to one of our clients.

You earn an initial return on the vehicle in the form of the client’s deposit as well as a monthly passive income over four, five or six years in the form of rental, which also covers the vehicle finance installments. Traditionally, your credit score is only used as an instrument to grant you access to credit. Autofin Assist can turn it into an income-generating asset.

What’s more, there’s no risk as the client and Autofin Assist both stand surety on the vehicle loan. If the client fails to pay the installments, the responsibility defaults to us. Furthermore, you have equity in the form of the vehicle, which you can sell at retail value to recuperate the costs of the loan and still earn a profit.

No capital. No risk. No fuss.


Advantages of investing

Investing in Autofin Assist is an appealing opportunity even for individuals with capital to invest in other assets. Here’s why.

You receive returns every month.

As an Autofin Assist investor, you earn passive income every month in the form of vehicle rental. This means that you do not have to wait until the end of a fixed term in order to receive dividends, which may be up to R10,000 depending on the number and value of vehicles in which you invest, the lease period and payment terms.

You do not invest any capital.

All you need in order to own an Autofin Assist vehicle-for-hire is a viable credit score. You do not need a minimum investment amount in order to open an account, nor do you need the capital required to purchase an asset like a building or property. This means that any creditworthy member of the public can become an investor.

You do not need to maintain the asset.

All license and registration fees, insurance, anti-theft devices and service costs of the vehicle are covered by the client. This means that, unlike investing in real estate, you do not have to maintain the asset in order to collect the rental. You, the investor, are not responsible for any upkeep costs.

You receive an immediate return in the form of a deposit.

You receive your first return on investment immediately when the vehicle is rented out in the form of the client’s deposit. This means that you do not have to wait for your investment to mature before you receive any returns.

You earn passive income.

Autofin Assist takes care of all the administration of the vehicle lease agreement, roadworthy certificates and multipoint checks. This means that you provide nothing more than your credit score to receive dividends, making this income a truly passive income.

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