Finance my commercial truck & trailer, Agricultural Machinery & Yellow Metal Machinery

Transport and Logistics

Autofin Assist can assist your company with transport financing options, whether you need to finance trucks, trailers, buses, Agricultural Machinery or earth moving equipment for your transportation business, we can help you reach your business goals.

Heavy commercial vehicle finance

It is not easy for you to arranging the best finance deaI for a heavy commercial vehicle, earth moving equipment or agricultural machinery. At Autofin Assist, we take over the hassle for you and we specialise in structuring the best finance deals available suited to your exact budget and requirement. We can arrange your finance for Trucks, Trailers etc. up to any value. We can arrange your repayment on your heavy commercial finance deal over as long as 4 – 5 years keeping the monthly payments as low as possible if necessary.

Your transport and logistics business is special to us

The goal of commercial finance is to make it easy for registered companies to acquire finance to run a successful trucking transport and logistics business. Autofin Assist knows that our clients need the best trucks available at the most affordable price. We can assist with commercial finance for new or pre-owned tractor-trailers, flatbeds, cargo vans, cement mixers, and dump/tipper trucks through dealerships across the country. 

Clients / companies are willing to invest in good quality new or used trucks which guarantees efficient trips on short or long hauls without breakdowns or delays on scheduled runs. The better the quality of the truck, the faster the trip, and a faster trip means more money in the bank for the Clients / companies who make a living in transport and logistics.

We at Autofin Assist specialise in assisting in financing large trucks / buses. We also assist clients and companies who are looking for cash flow or asset financing to purchase trucks, equipment, premises or other business funding needs. We also offer assistants for truck insurance at optimal coverage and low premiums.

Agricultural Transport / Machinery Finance

Autofin Assist are experts in Agricultural transport/Machinery finance and we can provide you with the best customised agricultural transport/Machinery finance solution for all farming related equipment. Autofin Assist recognise agricultural transport/Machinery finance as a primary motivator in growing the South African farming economy. Whether you need tractors, harvesters, balers, sprayers or other agricultural equipment finance, Autofin Assist has the expertise and commitment to offer you the best solution. 

We are committed to aiding you in your agricultural business endeavours by providing optimal finance solutions. Please get in contact with us now so that we at Autofin Assist can speak to you about Agricultural transport/Machinery finance options.  

The benefits of buying a Heavy Commercial Assest

You own the asset after the last payment

Interest payments and capital allowances may be claimed as income tax deductions

Assets are added to your company asset register improving the equity of your business

For more information please submit your information to us and your enquiry so that one of our friendly consultants can phone you and explain everything to you in detail and address any questions you may have

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