Found your dream car. Want it?

You’ve found your dream car, but it doesn’t come at your dream price, right? You could sell vitamins from door to door to earn extra cash, or you can marry an incredibly wealthy nonagenarian. Don’t despair! It doesn’t have to come to that. Autofin Assist can help you get the best finance for your vehicle at the lowest interest rate.

Vehicle finance comes with certain conditions, such as an age limit on the vehicle, a deposit, or balloon payment. Autofin Assist partners with all the major financial service providers in South Africa, which means that we can find you a deal with conditions that suits your needs.

Purchase a vehicle
Refinance a vehicle
Apply for a cash loan
Falling behind on car repayments
Consolidate your debt & stress less
Pay the balloon payment on your car
Finance a commercial heavy vehicle
Refinance a commercial heavy vehicle
Become an investor & earn passive income

Contact us to find the best deal for your vehicle.

We’re pleased to meet you. Contact us to have one of our administrators explain how our services can benefit you whether you’re looking to own a vehicle, refinance a vehicle or earn a passive income.