I would like to Settle an approaching balloon payment

Need assistance settling an approaching balloon payment?

Banks will always demand the settlement amount in full on the due date for a balloon payment. It’s difficult paying large sums from lines of credit and savings. 

Autofin Assist is here to alleviate the pressure that accompanies those pending payments.

Our offering 

  • We begin to look into your financial situation regarding the balloon payment.
  • We assess your financial situation and gather the necessary documents required. 
  • We assist with a cash loan that will allow you to repay your outstanding balloon payment amount. 
  • The repayment on the loan will be arranged to accommodate you in terms of affordability, payoff date and interest rates. 
  • We correspond with the bank on your behalf to make them aware that we are assisting you with the settlement.
  • We do our best to ensure your car remains yours, we do not repossess or cease vehicles. We are simply here to assist you in settling that payment.

If this sounds like a service you need. Get into contact with us and we’ll have a consultant get in touch with you.